Six different cuisines are now represented at One World Market:   West Indian, Middle Eastern, Thai, Peruvian, vegetarian West Indian and tropical smoothies.  On a balmy spring day, there’s nothing healthier than an outdoor stroll and an ethnic picnic lunch!

Adeebah’s Middle Eastern Cuisine:

Chicken Sharma


Spicy Shrimp

Spinach and Cheese Pies


West Indian vegetarian:

Jerk tofu

BBQ tofu


Yellow pumpkin rice

Wilted greens

East-West Grille, Thai-Laotian:

Thai salad

Pad thai

Laotian sausages

Fried rice with chicken

Vietnamese pancakes

Munchers (West Indian)

Beef patties

Curried goat

Jerk chicken


Coco bread

Peruvian, Rockin’ Chicken

- Mostrito burrito $10

(Shredded Rotisserie chicken-fried rice-French fries)

-qtr rotisserie chicken with fried rice $10

and 1 side out of:

(Salad-sweet plantain-tostones-yuca fries)

- papa rellena (1) $5

Naturally Smooth:

Pineapple, mango, kiwi, strawberry and banana smoothies--  and combo blends!